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Bath Tusnad

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About - Bath Tusnad

Situated in the southern part of Hargita County, Tusnad Bath is the smallest town in Romania, with a population of 1728 people (according to the 2002 census). The town's first spa was built in 1842. Tusnádfürdő used to be part of Tusnád Commune, but it became a separate village in 1935. The settlement was granted the title of town in 1968, while its big hotels were built in the 1970s. After the fall of the communist regime the spa resort fell into decline, but it has managed to recover. A large number of modern guesthouses, chalets, ski slopes and wellness centres are available for visitors.

The natural environment, the mineral springs with a wide variety of chemical composition, the climate and the beauty of the landscape make Tusnad Bath an ideal place for curing neurological disorders, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and endocrinal diseases. The spa town is the venue of the Tusványos Summer Open University. EU-camps were also organised here.
Lake Csukás was artificially created in 1894 by capturing water from the Olt River. In the 1920s it was a much-visited tourist site. After 1948 the spa-resort went under state-management, and a red star was placed in the middle of the lake. In winters it was used as an ice-rink. The lake was privatised again in 2000.

The distance between Tusnad Bath and the Saint Anne Lake through Bixad is 24 km.

Accomodations - Bath Tusnad

Pension Olt

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Sekler Inn

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Gastronomy - Bath Tusnad

Bar Anna

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Bar Ciucas

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Services - Bath Tusnad


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Public Wc

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Cec Bank

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Attractions - Bath Tusnad

Ski Track

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Ciucas Lake

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Sport Complex

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Bath Tusnad - a gift from nature